PSD2, RTS and changes in e-Kent Internet Banking

PSD2, RTS and changes in e-Kent Internet Banking

What is PSD2?

The Directive on payment sevices in the internal market or PSD2 (Payment Service Directive) which defines the integration and optimization of the European payment market, fostering innovation and competitiveness and enhancing the security of electronic payment methods.

PSD2 in practice

The PSD2 Directive shall mean a better overview of personal finances and a safer, more innovative, better, faster and more favourable digital services by introducing two key innovations that will improve your experience - Account Review Services (AIS) and Payment Services (PIS). More information can be found on the website of the Croatian Banking Association:


What is RTS?

Regulation (EU) on the amendments to the PSD2 Directive in terms of regulatory technical standards for reliable customer authentication and mutual and safe open communication standards. The RTS defines the application of reliable authorization and the exemption from the application of reliable payment authorization.

What are the changes in e-Kent Internet banking?

The following changes, applicable as of 14 September 2019, were made to the e-Kent Internet Banking:

Additional account authorization (the  so-called trusted authorization) - additional payment confirmation by entering a one-time PIN

This means that you will have to additionally authorize each order individually by entering the PIN that you will receive by SMS for each payment (HRK payments, SEPA EUR, HSVP, foreign currency payments), except for the PIN to conduct payments of one or more orders. However, in order not to have to enter a separate PIN for each payment, there are exceptions to the use of this trusted authorization.

Verified recipients - recipients that you consider safe for the payments and which you add to the list of verified recipients. If you make payments to a verified recipient, the system will not require entering an additional PIN. The option to add recipients to the list of verified recipients is enabled through e-Kent Internet Banking in 2 ways:

  • in the PAYMENTS menu
  • when making payments

Internal transfers - during internal transfers (within your accounts), the system will not require entering an additional PIN.

Low value payments - for the payments up to 30 EUR, the system will not require entering the additional PIN with a maximum of 5 payments or a total amount of 100 EUR.