Grand charter of friendship awarded to the owner of KentBank

At the ceremony held on October 24th at the Mimara Museum in Zagreb, the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Croatian-Turkish Friendship Association was celebrated. On this occasion, the owner of KentBank, Mr. Mustafa Suzer, was honored with the Grand Friendship Charter for his contribution to the development of economic relations between Croatia and Turkey. In his speech, he emphasized:

''KentBank is the first and only Turkish bank in the country, appealing to the world of international finance in Croatia. With this honour, our top priority was to increase the volume of foreign trade between the two countries and to mediate investments. Thus, we have always been aspirant towards the banking services necessary for this elevation. Assuredly, we were not alone in this journey. We have jointly observed that in recent years, Croatia has provided significant business opportunities to Turkish investors, primarily in the Tourism and Energy industry. Consequently, we witness with pride that the volume of foreign trade between the two countries has displayed a consistent ascension in the past three years, amounting to; 170 million Euro in exportation and 368 million Euro in importation during 2018, reaching a total of 538 million Euro. According to the data obtained from the Croatian Statistical Institute, Croatia has welcomed an average of 35 thousand Turkish tourists annually. In 2018, 44 thousand Croatian tourists have visited Turkey. The data is a strikingly clear indicator to the fact that not only are both countries a powerful tourism attraction, but also that the citizens of both countries have a mutual love towards one another. Therefore, I am extremely grateful for the presence of the Croatian Turkish Friendship Association, created to enhance the relationship between the two countries, which is immensely essential for us and other investor friends of mine who have faith in these lands.''