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Realize your wishes and needs by KentKredit: housing, equipping or renovating an apartment or a house, education, buying a car.

Save and invest with KentBank!

  • Fixed interest rate from 6,80%
  • Loan amount from HRK 4.000 to HRK 200,000
  • Repayment period is 2 to 10 years
  • Fee 0,50%

Obligatory collaterals

  • Blank or ordinary promissory note
  • The consent on seizure of cash income

Obligatory additional collaterals

  • Insurance policy of the loan borrower in case of inability to repay the loan
  • Riziko insurance policy
  • Life or mixed insurance policy
  • Deposit or
  • Guarantor
  • Property (for the amounts exceeding 150,000.00 HRK)

Fixed interest rate with the client status: 6,80%
Fixed interest rate without the client status: 7,40%

Representative example of the calculation

Loan amount in HRK Annual interest rate Maturity in years Annuity in HRK EIR
150.000,00  6,80%  10  1.726,20  7,59% 
75.000,00  6,80%  10  863,10  7,59% 


Assumptions for the calculation of EIR:

Loan 150.000,00 HRK 75.000,00 HRK
Interest rate 6,80% 6,80%
Repayment period 10 years 10 years
One-time premium for Riziko insurance policy 2.900,00 HRK 1.430,00 HRK
Fee 750,00 HRK 375,00 HRK




Date of birth



Place of residence

Post code





Marital status

Monthly income (customer / spouse)

Number of household members

Number of employed household members

Number of financially supported household members

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