Children Savings

Save as much as you can and allow your children better future.

Intended for children up to the age of 18, contracted and read in the name of the child and the contract is signed by the legal representative (parent) or guardian (person appointed by the competent social welfare center)

  • Saving currency HRK, EUR
  • The minimum amount of payment and savings is 100,00 HRK, 10,00 EUR
  • Disposal with the savings principal upon the expiration of the savings deadline or in the event of early termination
  • Disposal with the interest rate upon the expiry of savings or in the event of early termination
  • Interest rate is calculated every last day of the month for the previous month and on the day of the expiration of the term deposit, by applying the conformal interest rate method for the adequate number of days

For more information, check the current leaflet on interest rates on savings.


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