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Treasury and Financial Institutions Department is actively involved in money, capital and foreign exchange markets.

The main tasks of the Department are cash flow and liquidity management of the Bank, the management of the foreign exchange position of the Bank and it also has the key role in achieving the profitability of the Bank by securities portfolio management.
In performing its tasks, Treasury and Financial Institutions Department is obliged to adhere to the legal measures prescribed by the regulator.

Trading Unit

Foreign Exchange Market

Trading Unit participates on the foreign exchange market performing activities of buying and selling foreign currency both, for the needs of the customers within the Sales Desk and for managing the currency position of the Bank for the purpose of minimizing the exposure to the currency risk.

The activities of buying and selling foreign currency for the customers of the Bank are carried out within the Sales Desk. The customers have the advantage to contract the foreign exchange transactions at preferential rate that they negotiate directly with the Treasury and Financial Institutions Department.

Money Market

Treasury and Financial Institutions Department participates on the Money Market contracting deposit activities as well as Repo activities and thus plays the key role in the management of liquidity and stability of the operations and receiving funds.

Trading Unit contracts depository activities with local and foreign banks, the central bank, money market, funds, insurance companies and other participants and thus plays an active role in managing the liquidity of the Bank.

By monitoring the reference interest rates on the market and the trends on the interbank money market, it always tends to offer competitive interest rates for the deposits of its customers.

Capital Market (Fixed Income Desk)

Treasury and Financial Institutions Department also manages the securities portfolio in the name and on behalf of the Bank for the purpose of achieving higher yields than on the money market.

Active securities portfolio management refers to the following activities:

Trading in debt securities, such as government and corporate bonds, treasury bills of Ministry of Finance and commercial papers. By purchase of listed securities Trading Unit also maintains certain regulatory ratios and tends to achieve higher yields and profit for the purpose of increasing the profitability of the Bank.

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