Lombard Loan

Lombard Loan adjusted to your needs.

  • Without the calculation of the creditworthiness
  • Fixed interest rate
  • The interest rate consists of the interest rates on deposit increased from minimum 2,00 percentage points to maximum 2,50 percentage points
  • For the duration of the loan due interest on the deposit can be used
  • Loan currency can be in HRK, currency clause EUR or USD
  • Fee is 0,50% of the loan amount, a maximum of 500,00 HRK
  • Repayment of the loan is 120 months
  • Repayment of the loan: in monthly installments and with one-time return of principal

Representative example of the calculation and the assumptions for the calculation of EIR: 

Currency HRK 
Loan amount 100.000,00 HRK
Interest rate*  4,00%
Loan term 10
Fee (0,5%) 500,00 HRK
Deposit 90.000,00 HRK
Annuity 1.012,45 HRK
EIR 5,07%

*Interest rate on the loan is 4.00%, based on the term deposit with interest rate 2.00%


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