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I need partial payments

By KentCard card you can pay one-time, in installments and with deferred payment of the first installment up to 90 days

From now on, you can pay in installments all of your transactions whenever you want.

  • Free of charge, without interests, at no additional costs
  • All installments are automatically charged to current account on a monthly basis
  • The available limit for new purchases increases with the payment of each particular installment

Limit for payment in installments is agreed in the nearest branch of the Bank.

The possibility of dividing into installments and deferred payment:

1. at points of sale marked

  • The delay of payment up to 90 days, provided that the executed transaction is charged in the full amount
  • The delay of payment up to 30 days, provided that the executed transactions can be divided from 2 to 11 installments
  • Payment in installments from 2 to 12 installments without delay in payment

2. in branches of KentBank 

  • Distribution of all transactions carried out on all POS terminals within the country and abroad, the internet and web shops within 15 calendar days at the latest from the date of the transaction
  • From 2 to 12 installments
  • Delay of the payment of the first installment up to 15 days
  • No fees and interest


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