Suzer Group


KentBank is part of Süzer Group.

Süzer Group, which is among the well-established and rooted groups of Turkey, was established by Hasan Süzer in Gaziantep in 1952. Süzer Group, which was formed to transact business as well as to perform construction works by virtue of the gradual density in such sector in Gaziantep, has been developing its business via a rapid, but steady growth in the fields of construction, tourism and foreign trade since the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Pursuant to the liberalization of the Turkish economy starting from the 1980’s, the group embarked on a new phase of growth and became one of the first few Turkish companies whose foreign trade volume exceeds 1 billion dollars. Süzer Group rendered a decision for focusing on its core businesses in line with its long-term strategies and has concentrated its investments on land development and construction, energy, tourism and finance sectors.

Today Süzer Group, which represents Turkey in international field and which has partnerships with world-wide leaders in their own sectors, is one of the leader groups of Turkey with its sustainable growth mission, innovative line of vision and domestic and foreign investments.