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Donation to the four legged heroes

We are extremely proud of our colleague Gorana Smoljenović who, as a member of DVD Prečko and an instructor for training rescue dogs, participated in the actions of finding and helping the victims after the devastating earthquake in the Sisak-Moslavina County.
Gorana, her four-legged friend Lamar and colleagues from her Voluntary Fire Brigade are regularly in the field, where they take care of the normalization of the situation in the areas affected by the earthquake.
The role and importance of rescue dogs in such situations is exceptional. The dog's nose is still, regardless of the development of advanced technology, the most sophisticated tool used to search at depths, ie under rubble.
Rescue dog training is a long, continuous and expensive process involving volunteers committed to humanitarian work, for whom rescue dogs are not just a tool, but best friends, teammates and family members.
KentBank recognized their work and supported them with a donation for the purchase of equipment essential for their work.