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Red Dot Design Award 2022

KentBank's new branding won the Red Dot Award

KentBank's new branding won the Red Dot Award in the "brand and communication design" category. It is one of the most prestigious global awards in the field of design.

The design and new visual identity are signed by the agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey. The new branding is inspired by the century-old symbol of connection – the hexagon, which successfully communicates KentBank's business mission of connecting people and ideas. The visual identity consists of the logo and secondary elements of the visual identity in the shape of a hexagon whose graphic elements are modular.

KentBank, the fastest growing bank in Croatia, is focused on doing business with citizens and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, and in its business strategy it emphasizes direct communication and the development of personal relationships with clients.

We are a bank that wants to know its clients so that we can follow them in the realization of their plans and ambitions, whether personal or business, with services and products that are adapted to their unique needs. We have and are continuously developing advanced digital tools and communication channels, but along with them we continue to nurture and advocate personal contact and direct communication with clients. That is why each of our bankers is a personal banker. In addition, we want to use our resources to connect people and ideas, exchange knowledge and experiences or encourage joint cooperation through our unique KentKlub platform. Our new visual identity that we introduced last year perfectly communicates this business philosophy and has helped us to highlight our unique approach in the market. We are glad that this has now been confirmed by this prestigious award. 

The hexagon is a universal symbol of connection. Apart from being ubiquitous in nature where six equally long pages have snowflakes, ice crystals and beehive cells, it is often encountered in culture and Islamic art. Thus, the visual identity also corresponds with the Turkish owner of KentBank, the Süzer Group. From a designer's point of view, the hexagon is a flexible and playful shape that can be put together in countless combinations.

The Bruketa&Žinić&Grey agency has so far won 26 Red Dot awards, which is the most in the region. It is an award that has been awarded for 67 years, and is considered the most sought-after international mark of design quality.

This year's awards ceremony is scheduled for October 28 in Berlin.